Barrel Picks

How It Works


We want you to have access to limited release whiskey from the brands you enjoy most. That's where Barrel Picks come in...

Barrel Picks are barrels of whiskey that are sampled and hand picked by select members of the Fox Valley Whiskey Society and bottled specifically for our group (the picture to the right is exactly what we do). These bottles are extremely unique and will only be made available to you. When you reserve your bottle(s), what you are doing is funding the purchase of an entire barrel of whiskey, which could go for $6,000 or more. Since we don't have that kind of "walkin' around cash", we rely on you, the member, to fund the purchase of that barrel. Once we get enough people to reserve a bottle(s), we can purchase the entire barrel of whiskey (we keep the actual barrel too), have it bottled and you can pick up your bottle of whiskey on a specified date / time. 

Barrels will typically yield anywhere from 85 - 220 bottles, depending on the size of the barrel. We typically choose 25 gallon barrels which will yield anywhere from 85-110 bottles. Since the barrel yield is so uncertain, the last bottles to be sold will be refunded and the last people to reserve their bottle will not receive one. This is why it is important to reserve your bottle(s) soon.

Barrel Pick groups will visit the distillery, sample multiple barrels and choose the one that has the most character, best flavor, best value and best overall score. We score based on 5 criteria (nose, palate, finish, uniqueness, value) and we rate on a scale of 25. The highest rated whiskey is the one we choose to bottle. One thing that sets our Barrel Pick apart is that we also use a control sample, so we know that what we choose will be nothing like the original. Once all bottles are sold, we contact the distillery and have them bottle our barrel.

If you are interested in being a part of a barrel pick group, send an email to and let us know why you think you would be a great addition to our Barrel Pick Team.